Signs of Bad Life Coaching Practices

Signs of Bad Life Coaching Practices

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t is hard to deny the popularity of life coaching these days. Everyone goes through hardships and difficulties in life and there are people who need every little help they can get when it comes to coping with such difficulties. And this is where life coaches come in. But with the popularity of life coaching, it is inevitable that there are those who are simply in the business to take advantage of such an opportunity. Some of these so-called “coaches” do not even qualify as one and are only meant to rip you off of your money. While there are others that may seem to know what they are doing at first look, but when you examine closely, their style of mentoring are mostly superficial and not to mention expensive and ineffective too. Fortunately there are signs to look out for that can help you distinguish life coaches with bad mentoring style.

Bad Coaches are not Thorough and Listens in a Cursory Manner. An excellent life coach is a very good listener because he knows that it is one of the most significant foundation of good coaching practice. Life coaches are there to hear out whatever it is that you have to say. They have the ability to set aside everything that concerns them personally and turn 100% of their attention into your case. Good coaches will usually inquire all about the little details about your situation if he or she thinks that it can help. There are many people who have been pleasantly surprised as to how they felt truly heard during a coaching session Birmingham Unleash.

Bad Coaches are Fixated with Positive Thinking. It is a very common practice for a life coach to instill positive thinking into their client’s mindset. Positive thinking is indeed a very good mindset to encourage in order boost one’s attitude and to help with self-growth but as long as it is done in moderation. But success doesn’t only depend in positive thinking. You will also need hard work, the will to sacrifice, determination, endurance, self-knowledge and even a dash of luck among many other things. So it is best to avoid coaches who encourages positive thinking but deprives them with life’s harsh realities.

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