How to Unlink Aadhaar Number from Aircel Mobile Number

How to Unlink Aadhaar Number from Aircel Mobile Number

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The Supreme Court of India has passed on Judgment saying forcing subscribers to link 12 digit UID Number with their Mobile Numbers is unconstitutional. Actually this verdict by The Supreme Court of India has proved as a good news for subscribers who are yet to link their Aadhaar with Mobile Numbers aadhar card download by date of birth.

But that about those subscribers who have already got their Aadhaar linked with Mobile Numbers? Can they unlink their Aadhaar Number from their Mobile Numbers?

Most likely yes, all mobile operators that is telecom operators in India has an option for its subscribers which allows to delink their Aadhaar Data from their mobile number. The concerned authorities has also given guidelines to all operators that they will have to follow up the delinking of Aadhaar.

Below are the steps and instructions which an Aircel Mobile Subscriber will have to follow if he or she wants to get his or her Aadhaar unlinked from Aircel Postpaid or Prepaid Mobile Connection.

Steps on How to Unlink Aadhaar Number from Aircel Mobile Number

Currently there is no option to delink Aadhaar from your Aircel Mobile Number via Online or App based or IVRS based method like it used to have for linking of Aadhaar to Aircel Mobile Number.

  1. To delink or unlink your Aadhaar Details from your Aircel Number you will have to personally have a visit to Aircel Store.
  2. You will need to submit a written application to the store that you want to delink your Aadhaar from your Aircel Mobile Number or Numbers by mentioning your mobile number in the application.
  3. Your Aadhaar details would get delinked from Aircel Database in 24 to 48 hours, to confirm you can also visit the store once more to check if your Aadhaar Details are been delinked or not.
  4. If your mobile number was obtained by providing alone Aadhaar document or KYC then you would have to complete your re-KYC again at the Aircel Store to continue enjoying Aircel Services on your mobile number.

Still after visiting the Aircel Store you are unable to get your Aadhaar Unlinked from your Aircel Mobile Number then you can reach Aircel Customer Support.

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